A Quick Way To Relieve Your Stress And Feel Good

I gave myself a hug today.


And the relief was overwhelming. My chest relaxed. The tears released. And then, that was it. The moment passed. I felt freer.

So many times in our lives we get stuck. Thinking we need to ‘fix’ something before we can move on. More specifically, that we need something outside of us to be resolved, shift, change or do something in order for us to feel good again.

Yet what is overwhelmingly true is that we ourselves are the answer. We hold the key to that relief. That softening. That comfort we so desire.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to give you that hug. You can go ahead and give it to yourself – yes, literally – right now.

The relief is real.

This is the lesson I keep learning over and over again. That my sense of comfort and control cannot be gained externally. That when I seek certainty, the only way to find it is to go within.

Are you chasing an external fix right now? May this be your invitation to go within.