Episode 21: Big Life Moves, Figuring Out Loneliness & Trusting Your Intuition With Patricia Panasri

Ten years ago Patricia Panasri travelled to Thailand for the first time, ended up meeting her husband, having two kids, training as a yoga teacher, astrologer, and starting a business and living there for seven years.

She says despite being a very rational and analytical person she makes mostly gut-based decisions in her life.

Now back in home country (Holland) she guides mom entrepreneurs to create business strategies based on their inner compass, with practical and intuitive tools.

We talk about how she made big decisions in her life, navigating post-partum and loneliness, what gut-decisions are all about and not hiding from the parts of us that really want to come out. This is juicy and deeply honest. You’re going to want to speak your truth even more after tuning in.

Links and resources mentioned:

Brendon Burchard

Kate Northrup

Origin Collective

Patricia’s website, and Instagram @patriciapanasri

Patricia’s Stellapreneur programme for entrepreneurs