Episode 3: Saying Yes To Dreams, Releasing Stress & Coming Back To Nature With Rachael Morley

In today’s episode, Rachael Morley shares her journey from private equity offices to managing to a meditation studio—and how she’s finding a way to integrate all the things that light her up, from her role at Re:Mind studio, through to creating conscious jewellery and teaching people about the power of plants through her herbalism platform.

We talked about:

  • How Rachael moved from working in private equity and fashion to meditation and energy healing
  • Even if it takes years, how you can still create your dreams
  • Not running away from recovery from stress and burnout
  • Importance of saying yes
  • Why boundaries matter and how we need to keep working on them
  • Rachael’s love of nature and how it’s so healing  

Resources/links mentioned:




Astrology resources: Gizegen and Chani Nicholas To find out more about what Reiki is all about here or see Self-Reiki, new book by Jasmin Harsono (who also teaches at Remind Studio)