Episode 5: What Self-Love Is Really All About & Accessing The Big Kid Inside All Of Us With Aisha Carrington

If you’ve ever wondered what “self-love” is really all about, this is the episode for you. Today we’re joined by Aisha Carrington, a spiritual “G” – guide, goddess, gangster, and goalseeker. Her biggest transition when she started using her own name, owning who she is and developing her self-love muscle. We break down what self-love is really all about, how having mentors and guides can support you to give back to yourself, and simple ways to bring yourself back to feeling good.

We talked about:

  • Aisha’s journey from dealing with post-natal depression, being a personal stylist, taking care of others and realising how she needed to take care of herself too
  • How she mixed all the flavours of her life and pleasures into what she does now, including her healing work and connecting with her Caribbean roots
  • Why being in childlike states helps us free our inhibitions
  • Having help and mentors to guide you back to yourself
  • Self-love as a form of self-healing
  • The question Aisha asks herself to connect back to joy and feeling like herself again
  • How joy is actually our natural disposition

Resources/links mentioned:

Head to @aishacarrington_ where you’ll also find links to all of Aisha’s urban and international retreats

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