Episode 51: Finding What Fills Your Heart And Loving Yourself, With Marta Perales

Marta Perales made me smile from the moment I first had contact with her. She responded to a message I left in a business group I’m part of so promptly and with so much joy it was infectious. 

Having left a successful corporate career in IT, Marta returned to a hobby that had been along her side for almost 20 years. Taking what she says “filled her heart” and creating a photography business.  

In this episode she shares a powerful story about how even though she was following her heart, she hadn’t fully allowed herself to be seen. And how it took a lot of bravery to see herself as beautiful. 

Now she creates stunning boudoir photos to support women to see themselves in a way they’ve never seen before – and to realise too, that they’re already beautiful. 

We talk about that craving for wanting more in your life, finding the things that excite you, and not letting comparison get in the way.

Links and resources mentioned: 

Marta’s website Magnificentfemme.com and Instagram @magnificentfemme 

Tony Robbins Date With Destiny event 

21 Day Abundance Meditation series with Deepak Chopra 

Oprah and Deepak Chopra meditation series 


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