Episode 9: Getting Intentional About Our Lives & Being Inspired From The Heart With Anoushka Florence

Our guest today, Anoushka Florence, has a fun story involving how literally walking to the top of a mountain gave her the realisation of what she needed to do next and launched her into self-discovery and reconnecting with her heart. Before that mountain she was caught in putting others first and not listening to herself enough. She now leads women through sacred feminine experiences through her Women’s Circles, meditations, and soulful offerings. But her pathway to what she “does” now wasn’t linear – she says it’s been a process of falling in love with the experimentation and the zigzagging that helps her connect to her joy.

What we talked about:

  • What’s a “sacred space” and why are they important
  • How the intention we put into things can transform our results
  • When we’re doing everything for others we can lose ourselves
  • Moving from “shoulds” and things outside of us to exploring what lights you up, and taking steps in the direction of what feels inspiring
  • Enjoying the experimentation process because it leads you to back to joy
  • Why stillness is so needed to allow your inner voice to rise

Resources/links mentioned:

Anoushka’s Instagram @thegoddessspace and website.

The Wise Heart  by Jack Kornfield (book)

Kabbalistic Astrology: And The Meaning Of Our Lives (book)