How To Not Miss The Magic Moments

The Daisy Patch Blog - How To Not Miss The Magic Moments

“Thank you Universe, I’m listening.”

I’ve arrived at the beach, on the local island. Growing up I spent a lot of time here, day trips, exploring alcoves, packing picnics and searching for koalas in trees.

At the time I’m not sure I realised what an oasis of nature I was experiencing.

Maybe it’s a living in a big city thing, or not living near the coast, or simply maturity. Now I treasure every moment. I’m constantly feeling immense gratitude for feeling a warm sea breeze, the cloudless sky, a palm tree swaying in the wind.

Moments so natural and part of my everyday life growing up. Moments I perhaps took for granted. Moments I’m now overly appreciative of.

I just settled on the beach and reached for my phone.

I haven’t been on it much these past few weeks and have been feeling like I have stuff I’m meant to do or catch up on. Quickly scrolling to check if there’s anything I’ve missed. Sending off a few quick messages only to realise I have no signal.

The immediate response was a grrrr of frustration. But I caught myself.

“Thank you Universe, I’m listening.”

I put my phone away.

What moments in your life are rushing by without you realising the beauty? What could you be missing without even realising it?

In these moments I return to gratitude. And I return to presence.

I’ve been watching a seagull sneak up to me to try to eat a piece of orange. It’s calm and confident until I move my head and he steps back.

I’m grateful I get to watch a seagull so closely. That I get to feel the breeze on my back and warmth of the sun filtering through the trees. I’m grateful I’ve chosen to ground myself in nature and beach air, no matter how hard it was to choose to step away from time with family, friends and loved ones to create the space to do so.

You probably didn’t even notice, but I missed a weekly Blog post last week. Choosing in the moment to let go of my expectations for myself and run towards presence. To be fully in the moment with family.

The choice for full presence and full appreciation doesn’t always feel easy at the time.

Yet it’s when you allow yourself to relax into it that the full magic unfolds.


Where in your life could you be relaxing more fully into the magic?


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