Episode 17: Letting Curiosity Lead The Way, Sharing Soulful Stories And Integrative Therapy With Carmen Rendall

Having spent 20 years in marketing and corporate worlds, Carmen Rendell followed a tug of curiosity and dissatisfaction that led her to a place where she now gets to integrate her love of adventure, travel, nature and understanding the bigger questions in life.

She’s a trained Business and Personal Integrative Therapist and Founder of Soulhub, a hub of content, support and stories.

We covered lots in this episode! From those “big decision” moments in life, and how to follow your heart, to the power of trusting in the painful moments just as much as the joyful ones.
What we talked about:
·        What integrative therapy is all about
·        How a breakdown in her marriage triggered a real drop into unfulfillment in her life (and her journey out of that)
·        Allowing curiosity to lead the way
·        How to recognise those moments in your life that are telling you to do something different
·        Why we need to create ways to “sit with” things to come up with new answers
·        Staying in full trust with ourselves
·        Carmen’s Soulhub journal of sharing collective “soulful” stories of adventure, travel, suffering, and joy

Resources/links mentioned:
Carmen’s website, Soulhub, or connect on Instagram (@soul_hub or @carmenrendell