Episode 39: How To Be Driven And Still Listen To Your Feelings With Eleanor O’Leary

Having carved out a successful career working with some of the world’s biggest companies, Eleanor O’Leary found herself questioning if “there was something wrong” with her when she started to feel detached and disconnected. It’s been a journey of tuning in to things that feel energising, trusting herself more and allowing some things to fall away.  

Now running her own business, The Better Brand Consultant, she works alongside the new era of CEOs and unlocks the power of ambitious businesses with her authentic, culturally relevant brand building & communication strategies; proving that you can be both conscious and commercial. When she’s not championing independent media and sustainable led brands, she can be found taking a simple approach to joy: good friends, greenery, and gratitude. 

We talk about self-confidence, why it’s okay to keep things simple when it comes to personal growth, and how to keep tuning in to those deeper gut pulls to live a life that feels more fulfilling. 

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Eleanor’s Instagram @thebetterbrandconsultantLinkedIn, and her website: https://www.thebetterbrandconsultant.com/

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