Episode 45: Getting To Know Yourself Without The Pressure, With Martina Morris

I met Martina teaching English in a rural part of Japan over twelve years ago (or was it more?). We bonded over chocolate. And tea. And long chats about travel, relationships and what adventures we wanted to have in our lives. 

Parting ways after a year together our friendship never dissipated. Our Skype chats go for hours, I’ve witnessed her at least ten different homes in that time (her husband is in the military) and there’s one specific quality that has shone through regardless of how challenging or joyful that phase of her life has been: kindness. 

Martina is one of the most thoughtful, loving and considerate people I know. And she’s been a big example to me of what is possible when you make a decision to choose how you want to feel in your life. She’s moved constantly, often many many miles away from family, made choices to step away from her career and welcome in being a stay at home mum, and now homeschools her three children. 

In this episode we’re letting you in on a Skype date with us really, as I’m sure we forgot at times we were even recording. We talk about “not feeling at home” in your daily life and how to keep going, why Martina adopted a mantra of “much, not many” and how that supports her to live with joy, and the steps she took to start feeling “awakened” again.

Links and resources mentioned: 

Simplicity Parenting 

Zen In The Martial Arts, by Joe Hyams