Five Romantic Comedies Guaranteed To Make You Feel Good

woman on sofa eating popcorn

Do you have a big secret about yourself that nobody knows? Like the fact that you’d much rather curl up on the sofa on a Friday night and watch rom-coms than you would go out for dinner in town?

Oops. Cat’s out the bag.

Although, really, those closest to me would not be at all surprised.

I’m quick to say no to a thriller, action or even overly dramatic film or TV series. When chatting to friends about the latest Netflix craze, one of my closest girlfriends looks at me and gives me the quick check against our partners getting all illuminated and excited about House of Cards or Making a Murderer – her look tells me everything. “Nope, not for you Danz”. ?

I have to grin on the inside. She knows me well. And also something I’ll never quite get is meanness. I mean yes there’s an art and a magic to the tension and the thrill and the drama – but I just don’t want to sit on my couch and watch people be mean to each other. Full. Stop.

And, I don’t really expect you to agree either. You do you.

So, now that the cat’s out the bag – my big secret that’s not really a secret – here’s the low-down on the best feel-good films. I say indulge yourself. Feel good. Why not?! Go on a ride that lifts you up, makes you laugh, makes you hold you breath at times, but with the certainty of the happy ending. Mmm. Yes please!

27 Dresses

I’ve written a post about this before – there’s actually a load of metaphors going on in this movie about letting go of the need to be perfect. But, other than that, it’s just so lovely. Katherine Heigl oozes beauty and warmth and joy. And the love story is simply lovely.


Because we could all do with a little magic in our lives. And I just love the idea of the cross paths of believing in and trusting your gut. This is a magical story that while ideal for the festive season, is beautiful at any time of year if you want to tap back into a little romance. And the characters are all nice people. Like all of them. Now, that’s the kind of story I’m all up for.

The Devil Wears Prada

Again, everyone is actually really nice. Even the meanies! The story doesn’t blow things up out of proportion and turn a nice girl into a mean girl just for the sake of it. You get to go on the rollercoaster of change but you also get to feel good. And you get to enjoy the happy ending (no spoiler alert, I promise, all these movies have happy endings it’s why I watch them).


Okay. It’s not a rom-com. I get it. But I’m including it in this list anyhow, because it feels good. And there’s plenty of romantic-comedy-esque moments. There’s so much about this show that makes me feel good. The sense of community, of joking around, of life-long friendships, of sharing struggles. Each character is loveable. And, again (are you sensing a theme?), they’re nice people.

You’ve Got Mail

Pure magic. I don’t think they quite make romantic comedies like they used to (maybe that’s why I keep returning to my old favourites). You’ve Got Mail has got it all. Joy, charm, delightful characters. And the best soundtrack ever. Guaranteed to make you smile and get you feeling good just by listening to the music. Splish Splash.

I think we’re all secret Rom-Com lovers, how could we not be? Share this post with a friend today it could be just what they need to sink into some feel-goods. ?