I Want You To Know You’ve Got This

Woman looking at the beach

An ode to you, for in those times when you just need to know: You’ve Got This.

This might seem painful for you right now. Everything in your world is crumbling, or so it feels. The uncertainty of it all riding on a wave and making you feel like all that you have worked for up until this point has been washed away.

Know that you’ve got this.

There’s been so many times before this one that felt like it.

That felt like it wasn’t worth the fight, the joy, the stepping and moving forward. But you got it. Back then. And now.

The light that has kept you blazing is also the light that will keep you strong. Right now. You got this.

There’s something that makes you special. And I’m not just saying that for fun.

There’s something that makes you incredible, strong, unique. You might not see it right now, you might have seen it before, but, you’ve got it. And you’ve got this.

The thing that made you get up and keep going before. It’s going to make you get up and keep going right now.

The fun, the laughter, the people. The gathering, the cooking, the love. The music, the chocolate, the Friends re-runs. You’ve got this.

Sometimes when everything around you feels so heavy, and unknown, it’s easy to believe that you don’t got this. But you do.

Come back to yourself in those moments. Find your YOUness. That bit that makes you you. Don’t dim it, light it up. Be more loud. More silly. More bossy. It’s your flame that will keep you fuelled. It’s the magic in your soul that you’re meant to have to spark the way.

Your dreams and vision and passion have got you this far. Your love, your determination, your true strength of compassion and joy in connecting others. All of it.

It can be really easy to connect back in with that, if you’ll allow yourself.

Allow yourself to be carried on the wings of those around you. For their highs can help raise your lows. Their stockpiles can help nourish you now.

You’ve got this.

Sometimes it’s hard to reach out and say “hell yea I need this” support right now, right here. You’ve been so good at doing it on your own. You’re freakin’ incredible at it. And none of that changes when you say you need help.

It’s okay. You’ve still got this. And we’ve got you.

There’s no shame in having a big dream and making it come true.

There’s no shame in having the heartaches and messes too. There’s no shame in saying you need a hug. You need a hand. You need help.

That’s the power of humanity. And the power of love.

We actually are all called to step up when we reach out. We balance each other out. We’re meant to.

Embracing all the bits of you means all the bits. Every single one of them makes you you.

Holding back or not releasing is the same as pretending to not be you. And we need you. The world needs you.

It’s okay to be happy when you feel sad. It’s okay to be angry when you feel playful. It’s okay to be joyous when you’re down. It’s okay to stand your ground.

It’s okay to be mad and silly and fun.

And tearful and determined and strong.

Your band-with is what makes you beautiful.

Take a deep breath. And let it all out.

You’ve Got This.

We’ve all had those days when we really need to hear this. Pass this on to a friend who needs to hear that they too have Got This today.