How To Make Your Life Really Easy And Still Be Successful

I once ran a school holiday programme for primary school kids called “Taste of Japan”.

And when I say ran it, I mean I ran the entire thing from coming up with the idea, through to advertising it, creating the programme and hosting the students for a full day event. We made and ate sushi. Did origami. And learnt about Japanese culture.

I thought the idea was genius.

I’d studied Japanese since I was in grade 5 and had always loved the interactive aspect of really getting to know the culture.

It might have sounded like a crazy idea at the time. For me to be in my first year or two of university and suddenly deciding (quite close to the event itself!) that yea, I wanted to pull this thing together.

And yet, it just happened.

Easily. It was fun. It was joyful. Every decision and step I made to creating it just flowed. I created a brochure, it didn’t take long and looked great (I thought so!).

I called my old school to see what they thought and if I could use their gym, and advertise there.

They loved it.

I had students book in! And the session filled up so quickly!

The day itself went by in a flash and I still to this day look back on it so fondly and remember feeling so incredibly inspired.

And the biggest lesson of all – it all felt easy.

When I think about making decisions to do or not do something now, I realise that my best decisions often come from that place of ease.

When I feel energised and excited about something it tends to be pretty easy to follow through. To keep taking action.

When I’m all stuck in my head and over-analysing things, each step and action point is painful.

It’s a lesson I keep learning in a whole new way.

And the question that always brings me back to remembering is: What if things could be really easy right now?

I think we can get stuck in our heads and over-analyse.

And while it might feel like we’re making progress because (we’ve got a super long pros and cons list) really, we’re plain old stuck. Going round in circles with no clear step forward.

We’ve gotten used to that feeling of tense and hard thinking that it has to feel like hard work otherwise we’re not achieving or progressing.

Well, I’ve got a spin on that.

What if, really, true success and achievement came from things feeling good and easy. The best decisions I’ve ever made in my life came from a place of checking in with how it made me feel and following that joy.

Yes they still took action, and sometimes research and a little analysis. But their starting point was feeling based. I was in my heart. I knew how it made me feel in my body.

I wonder what would happen if you paid more attention to the fun and the ease today? What could look different for you in your life right now?