I Named My Computer Zeus And Why You Should Keep Dreaming

If you’ve been following along on the laptop saga you may have picked up that I have finally been reunited with my computer.

It’s an Asus which I affectionately refer to as “Zeussy”.

I used to think it was weird when people named things, like their cars for example. Even weirder if it was an actual “person” name instead of something that denoted its brand or behaviour.

But the moment I purchased Zeus, I was in love.

Okay, so that might sound a little dramatic.

It’s just that up until that point in the whole move from Australia to London, setting up camp, new job searches etc etc, my partner and I had somehow ended up relying (comfortably at the time) on my mini laptop, and then he’d got himself a new one… and I just hadn’t had the need to prioritise it.

I still remember with absolute joy, gratitude, and almost dreamlike elation the day I literally got my very first laptop.

It was in my first year of university and I’d essentially put forward a business case to my parents about how if I took out a loan from them my studies would dramatically improve, I’d ace all my exams and essentially they’d be set for life because of my academic brilliance all bound to the need for a laptop.

Or at least that’s what my memory of it is.

There’d been other installments since then. My baby laptop was sweet and I treasured it, particularly when traveling.

But with Zeus it was somehow different. It marked a mega turning point in my life, a time of complete transformation.

I’d done my coaching training. Realised I had a business. And also realised not only was this the thing I was “meant to do” with my life, there was also essentially no turning back.

Zeus marked a whole new chapter. Which brought me so much joy. And, uncertainty.

Somehow with Zeus by my side, I was a “real” business woman. I was effective and efficient.

No, I’m not really saying I need a laptop to believe I’m effective. It was more symbolic than anything else.

What I am saying is that turning point felt vital to me. I had to make choices and decisions—like buying a laptop—that symbolised that I am here, ready to go and moving forward with my dream.

And then the moment I took that step, all would unfold from there.

So, yea, Zeus and I kinda have a special relationship. And I’m not embarrassed to share with you that I named my laptop.

I’m incredibly grateful for what is literally available to us from our fingertips on a daily basis.

I immensely appreciate the versatility at which I can run a business, connect with friends and family in other countries, and sit back and chill out to Netflix all from the one vehicle. I’m also grateful for the effort, decisions, and things I had to say No to in order to bring Zeus on board.

Dreams all start with a decision.

A decision to allow ourselves to wander, to visualise, to expect, to imagine.

A decision to say No to areas of our life that could be holding us back. And whopping big Yeses to areas that could catapult us into the experience we’ve been craving for so long.

I believe we all are not only capable of dreaming, we’re capable of bringing them to life.

That little inkling you have inside of you right now, breathe life into it in any which way you can.

Because when your dreams come to life you light up everyone around you. Your dreams become that beacon for others to take that first step.

I really am incredibly honoured to have you here, reading this. To have you here, in The Daisy Patch community.

I’m here to help you see your own brilliance. To get you out of your head and into your heart. And to also believe what I already know to be true – you’re here to spread the joy in the world and your dreams matter.