How To Feel Sunny Even When You’re Stuck

I’ve moved my computer to the front room, with the sun streaming in the back door.

The music is blaring.

I’ve forgotten how much music means to me. How much it can shift a mood and completely change our energy.

I’ve been delaying writing this post this week. I haven’t felt energised in the way I like to when I sit down to write. I’ve felt a bit stuck and stagnant.

I used to probably just push through. Tell myself to get over it. Or just do it but know it wasn’t that good or authentic.

I’ve done it before in previous jobs.

Where you just have to get a deadline sorted. So you do everything you possibly can to make it home. We’ve all had those all-nighters to finish off that assignment.

That intensity that comes with the push through. The adrenaline keeping you awake and pushing through, yet your body afterward collapsing into a heap.

There’s a part of us that thrives on that adrenaline, that needs it even, to get stuff done. But it doesn’t have to be our always fuels. It’s a sometimes fuel. Meant for specific purposes for specific days.

It was a lesson I had to learn over and over again. And one that I’ll likely spend my entire life perfecting.

However, right now, I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come. That I value my body, my heart and my mind enough to notice when each is sending me messages. To slow down. To pause. To sit in a fertile void.

What’s made it possible is knowing that it’s all seasonal. The feelings. The days. The nights. The pushing. The relaxing. We all go through phases – which is so incredibly helpful to remember particularly when we’re in that “stuck” phase.

I heard myself say “this is a just a phase” earlier this week. When I was feeling completely exhausted, out of ideas, and stuck.

And there was a sense of letting go or relaxing in that moment. A sense of assuredness that I was actually “doing it right” because I was “doing” the stuck phase exactly as it was meant to be.

In recognising it, I also gave it permission to fade away.

I woke up this morning much more connected. Looking forward to my day ahead and feeling way more able to tackle whatever would come my way.

Join that together with two beautiful meditation sessions this morning and the most incredible sunshine streaming through my back door, and the music (let’s not forget about the music) I am well and truly in the next phase now.

Each has its purpose. Its joy. Its challenge. And that’s okay. Because I know I’m learning to appreciate the gold within each and to settle in just long enough to let it rub off on me and sparkle all over.