This One Thing That’s Holding You Back From Everything

The dog never ate my homework.

Although this one time she did ramsack my bedroom, including chewing through my pencil case, its contents, and my books. (My copy of The Folk Of The Faraway Tree is still missing a corner to this day).

I was devastated. Yep. That is a big word, but completely true. I’m a bit of a nerd (said endearingly of course) when it comes to my stationery supplies. I was the kid that wanted perfectly contacted exercise books and would beg my sisters to teach me how to cover them each new school term.

In some strange universal timing, my Gran was visiting at the time and took pity on my distress. Meaning I actually ended up coming home to a whole new range of supplies the next day. Never had I ever had such exotic and exciting stationery. Some of the colouring pencils were literally rainbow coloured! Yes!

Anyhow, I digress.

The dog ate my homework is apparently a notorious excuse for kids.

As adults we get much more clever about our excuses. Or as Tony Robbins says we call them, “reasons”. (They sound way more posh that way).

They start to get really sneaky. So sneaky they tend to go unnoticed even by us.

We want to start a new gym membership but we tell ourselves now’s not the right time, we’ll do it when this project at work is finished and we’re not so busy.

Or we say we want to change careers, but decide it’s best to wait until we’ve saved up enough money.

Or we say we’ll start taking better care of our health, and finally book in for that holiday to slow things down a bit, but first decide we better wait for the rest of the team to book in their annual leave first and then…

And it goes on and on. Leaving us perpetually trapped in this cycle of excuses why we’re not where we want to be yet, or feeling the way we want to feel. Oh, I’m sorry, reasons.

I know it may sound a bit harsh, but I promise you if you sit with it for a little while you’ll start to get clear with yourself too. We all do it.

It’s part of being human. Because changing anything in our lives, requires doing something different. Which naturally is going to make the brain feel a little uncomfortable.

Except that the only way the brain computes comfort is through a safety lens. So it tends to go into over protective mode thinking that change = danger.

It’s your job to train it otherwise. To know what’s okay and what’s not.

And the only way to get started is with your reasons. Your excuses. The story you keep telling yourself inside your head. All those ifs, buts and maybes.

Starting to question them. Because if they’re left to roam wild, then we’ll stay stuck in inaction. And given you’re reading this right now, I know you don’t like inaction!

 You’re here to make a change. To feel better. To create more fun and freedom in your life. It’s why I focus an entire lesson in my online coaching course, BLOOM, to getting clear on these fears. And all the excuses you’re telling yourself. Because the moment you’re clear on them is also the moment you’re free of them.

What’s been some of your go-to “reasons” you’ve used over the years for not taking action? And, what’s the one that’s still hanging around today?

Getting clear on the reasons (excuses) for not taking action means you get back control. Instead of things in your life happening on autopilot mode, you get to create them in the way that actually feels right for you.