When you’ve got no energy to change

The Daisy Patch Blog - No energy to change

One of the most de-motivating things I find is when you’ve got all energised and excited about a change, you can really feel like it’s within your reach, you’ve read the books, or had the coaching session, been to the workshop, called your friend… And then your energy just can’t seem to keep up with you.

You’ve got other stuff going on in life and you keep getting home from work feeling exhausted. Perhaps you’ve been living on depleted adrenals for a while, or perhaps you’re just going through a period of burn out and keep saying “okay when I have more energy then I’ll make that change”.

That feeling of exhaustion can be really de-motivating. Like the momentum you’ve lost your momentum for change it feels like there’s no way to get it back again.

This resonates so, so, so, much for me. I used to be the person that just ‘fitted it all in’. The multiple part time jobs, study, baking, social life, exercise, helping out family, friends, you name it! I didn’t want to say no. And I also had exceptionally high standards, meaning once I said yes I was in, all in, double cream and cherry on the top in. Which meant that my beautiful body usually bore the consequences. I got into a consistent cycle of feel great, take on lots, lose my energy, push through, feel depleted, keep pushing… I’m sure you’re getting the picture.

All this to say, I really do get that feeling of creating change when you’ve got no energy. And it sucks Nobody wants to create huge big change and life-changing change when you’re feeling depleted.

So how on earth do you do it then? How do you instead keep inching forward and taking some mini steps instead of the big leaps and bounds. The mini steps that will move you forward and restore you at the same time?

Our energy really is our life blood. It keeps us literally and emotionally moving. We need it to create, to love, to play, to work hard, to live our life in so many ways. Which is pretty obvious once said out loud and yet so much of what we do on daily basis sub consciously is not supporting our own energy to healthily and sustainably replenish.

One of the biggest energy drains we just don’t think about much is about our focus. Just think about those days at work where you have one priority, one focus, one project that simply must get done. How energised are you feeling on that day? Once you’ve cleared your agenda to focus on tha tone thing? And in doing so, you feel (even if a little tired from all the work) energised at the end of it once it’s all done? When we’re focused on let’s get this done instead of all the work I have to do the energy changes.

What you focus on grows

It’s a law of life that what you focus on grows. You focus on how tired you are, you’ll feel more tired. You focus on how your boss is pain, your boss will be more of a pain. ? If you’re at work and you’re chatting with your colleagues about the excitement of a new project, and how you’re looking forward to starting something new, feel that energy shift in the conversation. The room even. Versus: I’m starting a new project, I have no idea what to do, I’m already so busy with my other projects.

Which means one of the very first stepping stones, one of those mini steps towards creating change even when you have no energy, has to start with focus. What are you focusing on right now to get you where you want to go? Are you focusing on how unmotivated you feel, how tired you are and all the stuff that is getting in the way?

Or, are you focused on how it’s okay to do one thing at a time, that any action is progress, that you’re creating a beautiful vision, that you will feel so different once you’ve done it?

One of my mentors asked in a training once “Are you focusing on how you’re going to fail or how you’re going to succeed?”. And it really stuck with me. Any time I feel myself falling into that funk – which is always accompanied with a slump in energy – I really do I ask myself this question. Most of the time my energy can shift simply by shifting my focus. And yes, sometimes this happens in a heartbeat and other times I need a little longer. The question alone does break the loop and it also puts you back in a position of energising yourself rather than depleting. What could be different if you re-focused your attention in your life right now?


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