Navigating Decision Making At Turning Points In Our Lives

I just got caught in the pouring rain.


I’ve been tucked up inside most of the day in podcast production mode and on a few calls. What started out as a blue sky day had quickly turned into grey skies and drizzle.

Hard enough drizzle to warrant not leaving my tucked up nest. So I settled in with joy.

It wasn’t until hours later that I looked up from my desk to see the clouds parting. No rain in sight. Albeit a few ominous clouds lurking, but certainly clear enough to warrant my regular walk outside.

Now, if you’ve been part of my community for even a little while now you’ll know how much I LOVE my walks. I feel like they’re my afternoon clearance ritual – to get rid of the cobwebs and get some clarity. I feel so much calmer and excited upon my return.

But, it’s been a weird few weeks – my schedule has been a little out of the ordinary, I’ve had a cold, and London weather in Autumn is a little unpredictable. So, I just haven’t been out that much.

So when the clouds parted today I took my chance. I rugged up in my long leggings that haven’t been out in a while, took that cosy hoody off its hook and downloaded a newly released episode of one of my fave podcasts.

I was all set.

And all settling in.

Even had my pace on, which I wasn’t exactly expecting giving the slow energy I’ve been feeling the last few days.

And then, it happened.

That first subtle drop.

Happened to fall straight on my face as I peered up at the sky.

All good I thought. The rain is a while off. Keep walking.

And within moments the downpour was set in.

Within moments I was drenched. That squidgy wet sock feeling already well beyond saving point.

And I had a choice. Well, multiple choices really.

To run. To hide. To walk faster.

To get mad. Annoyed.

To relax. To slow. To embrace.

To take it all in.

The rumblings of the sky (yep the storm had kicked in too).

The drenched hoody.

By this stage I had turned my podcast off and made my decision.

I chose to embrace it. To simply keep up my walk through the rain. To keep moving, whilst not stressing about. To allow the rain to fall on my head. To allow my feet to slop into the puddles.

All of it.

There’s something pretty magical and releasing upon making a choice like that. It’s so freeing. It’s like a simple yet sturdy trust that I can handle it. No matter what the outcome, I’ll be able to figure it out.

I’d already done a quick mental check – what’s the worst that could happen? And decided that the worst was that I’d arrive home very wet and possibly cold.

And, I figured I could totally handle that.

The change of seasons can throw up all sorts of confusing things, like whether or not you should take your umbrella out for the day or not. ?

And life is just the same. During times of transition from one phase to the next, one season to the next, one project to the next – we’re bound to be thrown a whole lot of new decisions to make. Uncertainty to deal with. Choices.

It’s always (and yep I mean always) up to you how you choose to proceed.

If you’re feeling at a crossroads right now with any decision in your life, or like you’re transitioning from one phase to the next, know this: You Can Handle It.

I’ve already dried off from the rain. Cup of tea is brewing.

Sure, my shoes are going to take a little while to dry off. And it wasn’t exactly “comfortable” walking in them. But ultimately how I feel after my walk is totally worth it.

I feel free. Happy to have moved my body. More clarity (hey, I came up with this blog post idea as I walking!). And even a little joyful – that kid inside of me will always love playing in the rain.

Next time you’re faced with a little discomfort, what choice will you make?