Episode 77: How To Choose Joy When You’d Rather Have A Tantrum

After a false start when I forgot to hit record on a 40min episode, I was [...]

Quiet. But Not Silent. Antiracism, inclusion, and diversity.

Quiet. But not silent. Are you feeling it? This past week has been mega. And [...]

Episode 54: Holding both the positive and the negative emotions all at once

I shared this blog post a few months ago about me sitting on my couch [...]

Episode 50: Managing Changes More Effectively

Today’s episode was inspired by me having freezing cold hands and needing to go and [...]

Episode 46: How To Not Get Swept Up In Others’ Emotions

I got asked this question recently and realised it comes up a lot in different [...]

Episode 43: How To Be Positive And Still Talk About The Hard Stuff, With Laura Jones

“Pops of positivity” is what her Instagram bio states. And it couldn’t be more true. Having [...]

When You Should Be Doing The Right Thing But You’re Not

I just finished our chocolate reserves at home. And I know I’m going to be [...]

Episode 41: Unlocking Your Creativity, Emotional Rollercoasters, And Radical Rest, With Millie Ralph

One of my favourite quotes from today’s episode: “Life is really wonky”. Because it’s so [...]

Episode 26: Why Your Emotions Matter And How To Get Okay With Them

Are you a bottler? I used to always hold my emotions so close to myself [...]

Why Stuffing Up Completely Is Actually Okay

I completely stuffed up this morning. I was already at my favourite coffee shop, sneaking [...]

Episode 19: Tuning In To What You Really Enjoy, Loving Your Emotions And Making A Difference With Aletheia Hunn

You could say Aletheia Hunn left a corporate career for a month in India to [...]

Episode 14: Getting Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart

If you find yourself getting completely stuck in your thoughts, over analysing things and generally [...]